Thursday, June 4, 2009

sniggles at the trappist

i woke up with the sniggles this morning.

wtf is a sniggle?

sniggle = snicker + giggle

i just made it up the other night. i haven't googled who knows if it is already in use or not...yet, i like the term and think i'll be looking for ways to incorporate it into my vocab. i met up with some friends at the trappist last night. there were quite a few sniggle moments. it was my first time there and seemed to have a mellow and non-meat-market-y kind of vibe. this was a relief. i know certain friends are actively looking. yet, i am not in that space right now. i was more interested in just hanging out, being somewhat social, and watching the scene.

i met the best friend outside and then we walked in together. we parked by a "ledge" by the front door and hung up our bags on the handy hooks under said ledge. the best friend had to go visit the restroom, so i had a decision to make. should i break out my scott pilgrim comic book that i had been reading on BART? yes, so cool.... i know. i may be socially retarded but i do know that being a female alone in a bar makes one prone to being a target. it is a kin to being the lame zebra that is trailing away from the safety of the herd and has been identified by predators as potential target. i have/had no desire to be a lame zebra.

thankfully, i saw the book and grabbed it. what was this book? it was the book of beers offered by the trappist.

sure enough, i think i had just barely cracked open the book when i could see out of my peripheral vision a dude with a beer walking toward me. "just freakin' great." i muttered. then i asked myself "what tactic should i employ here?" i decided upon studious avoidance. i pretended to be incredibly engrossed in the book. sometimes it helps to be short. i looked down at the book and hence could only see the dude's beer, trousers, and shoes in my peripheral as he stood facing me. he said nothing. i said nothing. if it wasn't so noisy, you could have probably heard me turn the pages of the trappist tomb quite fascinated was i.

i could almost hear the gears turning in the guy's head "does she see me? or not?"

i breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly walked away and then got serious about choosing my beer. i decided upon the balthazar because it was brewed with spices that include ginger, coriander, and cardamon. once i ordered and paid for the drink, i proceeded to take pictures until more people arrived. just a fyi, taking pictures when you are by yourself is also a good way to avoid 1:1 interactions.

the sniggle moments of the evening though, came much later on...just one moment was when a young lad approached the group with the clear attention of obtaining a certain someone's number. if she feels like revealing herself, i'm certain she will. quite earnest and determined he was. i must confess that it also took some bravery on his part...and have to give him props for it. another key sniggle moment was when this gal at the bar broke out her monopod? (i still have to look this up) is basically a portable rod that works like an extended arm and allows you to take pictures from a distance. i want one. when a guy at the bar asked if it was a beta or something, the gal said something like "what? you think because i'm asian that i'm all into the latest thing?" i almost peed in my pants with sniggles on that one. the gal also said a few choice snarky things throughout the night that if wasn't culturally inappropriate....or may have been mis-interpreted as my hitting on her.... i would have said "hey, what is your name? i'm [foodie hunter] you seeem really cool." instead, i just turned to my best friend and said simply "i like her."

we all know that i don't like that many people.

so when i woke up this morning, i woke up with the sniggles thinking about some of the events of last night. it was a good night.

it really is good to be good.

the trappist, 460 8th Street (off Broadway),Oakland, California, +1 510 238 8900

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Victoria said...

Much laughing was had by all. That was a funny night. Nice pics.