Monday, June 29, 2009

you look tired

location: washington dc time: 11:37pm

"you look tired." declared DH to me in the cab on the way to have dinner with some colleagues.

"it is because i am tired." i replied quite wearily.

DH had a good laugh and said "well, i'll always be honest with you."

true. true.

i suppose it all started when i didn't go to sleep on saturday and left my place at 5:30am to go to SFO. i boarded the first plane and we arrived at the runway to take off....then the announcement went out that there was something wrong with the right engine and we would have to go back to the gate. once at the gate, it was decided that components were going to be replaced and that it would take about an hour and half. so it was about this time that i broke out my snack of mango pudding that i purchased at one of the SFO food stalls.

about a couple of hours later, the plane went to the runway again.....we didn't take off. the pilot indicated that there was still something wrong. then we all got off the plane and quite a few series of mishaps occurred that i am too tired to talk about right now. but the upshot is....i am very glad that i have status on this airline or else i probably wouldn't have gotten a seat on that flight. quite a few people were bumped on the flight.

then, when i arrived at the hotel, there was the obligatory work socializing....which is not my favorite activity....and then a business meeting that lasted until midnight eastern standard time. then it was up early for meetings w/the uk office before doing some field work until about 6pm. so it was about 7:30pm this evening when DH said "i looked tired"....while we on our way to do more socializing.

i mean, really, how else am i going to look?

i've learned quite a bit on this trip though. i've learned that keeping folks you work with at a distance is not a bad thing and that i will not be changing my philosophy anytime soon. emotional distance, in this case, is a very good thing. friends are forgiving of personal indiscretions...and i think people often make a crucial mistake and think that people they work with are their friends. while there are exceptions (a met a few of my "inner circle" at work), overall, this is not often the case. in fact, i'm beginning to think that there should be another term...perhaps not frienemies....but something a bit more sinister, actually.

a more accurate term escapes me .... but if you know of one...please let me know.

well, i think it is time for bed.

night and hugs...