Monday, July 27, 2009

all about the tea

location: manchester england
time: 7:25am

the jet lag definitely hit this morning. i woke up around 4ish and couldn't get back to sleep. i think it may take me a couple of more days to acclimate to the time zone. yet, it doesn't feel as harsh as it did the last time i was out here.

i grabbed a "hot breakfast" at the hotel breakfast buffet this morning.

oddly enough, this reminded me that the last time i had a hearty breakfast like this one was the last time i was in the uk. there is still quite a bit of novelty factor of having baked beans, boiled mushrooms, and broiled mushrooms as a part of my breakfast.

also, while i try to stay away from caffeine when i am at home, i don't follow this when i am in the uk as i end up drinking huge amounts of tea.

i can see why the brits are so obsessed with their tea....and can understand the perspective that there is nothing in the world that a good cup of tea can't help with....

i find myself converted to this perspective while i am in england. when i am at home, i am all about my hot chocolate for comforting any discomforts.

yet, in england, i am all about the tea.

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