Thursday, July 2, 2009

foodie hunter dna

i am back from DC and thankfully, the flight home was exceedingly less eventful and everything went as it should. i was very appreciative as this trip provided me with a lot of food for thought. i may write more about it later or i may not. it was a difficult trip. i am still processing. yet, before i start my day today there were a couple of light hearted moments that i wanted to share with you.

one of them, was a vendor's bumble bee mascot at the conference. it made the super duper cynical foodie hunter smile every time i saw it (see top pic). it would shuffle along, waving, its pacing was actually quite it didn't move like actually moved as i would have envisioned a large character would move...and held the conference bag as if it were a handbag. it seemed that quite a bit of thought went into their posture and movement. a lot. i have to give kudos to the person (or persons throughout the show) in the suit. it must have been hot in there and a challenge to stay "in character".

another light hearted moment was an email from the best friend that i found myself re-reading quite a few times throughout the show, to remind myself, that my life is not just work. as i was on a plane to DC on sunday, i missed out on a dinner party CK hosted which included the best friend and my family. my soon to be three-year-old goddaughter, EC, was also there. toward the end of the dinner party, CK served a dessert of banana creme pie.... and knowing CK as i do, i bet it was extraordinary. EC, who seems to be following in the steps of her godmother in terms of her palate declared "this is like god" while eating her dessert. i wasn't even there, but i know it was an accurate assessment.

i doubt that i've ever been so proud in my entire life.


Chelsea said...

Yeah, that was just about the highest praise I could ever hope for:) We missed you!

foodie hunter said...

I definitely missed you guys as well! I was thinking about you guys at dinner a lot while I was traveling on Sunday. I was also talking to D last night and she seemed extremely happy with being able to take home the leftover pie. :)