Tuesday, July 14, 2009

human after all

i'm winding down for the "night". part of me wonders if this schedule of mine is going to catch up with me. i am, as i am discovering, just human after all. i was definitely thinking about how human i really am during my late afternoon break today.

it was pretty warm in the east bay so i took a walk over to yogurt harmony to grab a bowl of the cool creaminess.

as i slowly and methodically made my way through the frozen treat, i couldn't help but wonder how long this prominent emotional bundle of contradictions was going to be around for. it is rather amazing how resilient the emotions are against my attempts at self-control and supression. this is something i usually don't have to worry about...so the fact that the emotions are currently "running the show" in this aspect of my life is just a teeny bit worrisome.

ok, more than a teeny bit.

yet, perhaps this is what i needed...to be reminded that yes, i am human after all....and that isn't a bad thing.

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