Wednesday, July 15, 2009

key lime graham cracker gelato at ciao bella

me thinks that i am using this warm weather as an excuse to indulge my love of frozen creamy treats. today, i took a break from work to visit the epicurious garden for a nibble. i didn't want anything too big or heavy since i'll be going out for what i have a feeling will be quite a large meal this evening so i ended up at the ciao bella stall (big shock).

hey, gelato is small. rich yes. but still small.
yes, i know, excuses...excuses. anyway, after perusing ciao bella's numerous wares,

i decided upon the key lime graham cracker flavor because i haven't tried it before...

it is pretty tasty. i'm still eating it right now. sigh. yum yum.

epicurious garden, 1511 shattuck ave, berkeley, ca 94709, +1 (510) 548-2426

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