Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lessons learned

DH and i went out for dinner in manchester this evening. DH ended up taking me to this pub called the metropolitan (after the paris met). it was a cute pub with lots of book shelves, high ceilings, and a bit of a "gastropub" menu.

the last couple of days have been quite long for the both of us. we were both very weary as we nibbled on our food and sipped at our bottle water.

yet, DH started to feel comfortable enough to prod and probe about a few personal things including why i married B. it was an interesting conversation and one that i think i'll be thinking about for a while. i don't think i'm going to blog about it right now as i doubt that i could do it true justice, i am so weary. yet, i think this video from alicia keys will let folks know what is going on with me as i process this conversation...

alright, it is off to bed for me. i have a very early day tomorrow.
hugs and more hugs-

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