Friday, July 10, 2009

not so impenetrable

as i walked through the front door at cesar today, i had to laugh. there was mp siting at one of the tables, methodically going through a stack of papers. i was getting flashbacks to when we used to work together. watching mp going through a rather large stack of papers was a common sight.

mp and i had decided to meet at cesar for a late afternoon nibble and do some much needed catching up. after pursuing the menu,

we ended up splitting the portabello mushroom sandwich....

as well as our desserts of organic strawberries and rose cream....

and the very rich bread pudding....

the food as usual, was very lovely. mp also decided to spoil me with treats of dark chocolate sauce from sketch on 4th street as well as these absolutely beautiful mufflers. mp, who reads my blog regularly, said that she thought that i would need some comfort to wrap myself in.

naturally, it was difficult to not cry over our small plates.

yet, i suppose it really is ok isn't it? it is ok to show the confusion, the vulnerability, and the sadness. it is ok to allow those that love me to care for me. perhaps, it is also
just feel the way that i feel....despite the fact that these feelings have no logical rhyme or reason.

yet, this lesson is a particularly difficult one for the very logical and seemingly impenetrable foodie hunter.


Victoria said...

I love mp.

foodie hunter said...

yes, it is very easy to love mp.