Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shutting down

i take off for the uk on saturday. there is much to do before i leave. i'll be in all day "workshops" for the first part of my stay in the uk. i can feel myself frowning as i think about it. you know, the words "all day" and "workshop"....definitely enough to strike....well not fear...but not happiness either....into the heart of the foodie hunter. i definitely do not foresee a lot (or even a little) of alone time next week. as a result, i can feel myself begin the process of shutting down, almost like trying to gather my energy into a reserve, as i mentally prepare myself for next week. thankfully, i do not have to do any presentations. it is just the deadlines for regular projects remain the same despite these "all day workshops". this has translated into some creative scheduling on my part for the past few days.

as a result of feeling this shutting down...almost a mental cocooning really.... i was rather uninspired regarding what to have for lunch today. egad! what is coming over me?

i found myself just wandering around downtown today to see if there was anything that would pique my interest.

after wandering around for a bit and a stop into the comic book store (comic relief) so that i could browse and carry ember around the store.... i found myself at a local thai noodle bar. i ordered my usual, roast duck noodle soup...in the hopes that it would a bit soothing and comforting.

as i was slurping away, i realized that what i was really preparing myself for is the upcoming politics....in an odd way, it is like mentally preparing oneself for battle....or getting into a "zone" right before a game or a meet. despite being absolutely nonathletic now, i did do a round of team sports when i was a neophyte (i.e., basketball, volleyball, and swimming). surprised? me too. i'm rather surprised myself as i look back on it. yet, the feeling is the same....preparing yourself for being "on your game."

i suppose we'll see what happens. it is all going to happen whether i want it to or not. i am just going to try to prepare as much as i can and then take it as it comes.

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