Wednesday, July 29, 2009

small world

location: manchester
time: after 11pm

i was checking through my various email/twitter/facebook accounts this morning while eating my breakfast at the hotel

and to my surprise, i received a notification that i had an email waiting for me at yelp. it was an email from someone at angeline's louisiana kitchen asking for permission to use the pics of their food i posted on yelp. it never crossed my mind to even say no. each time i've gone to angeline's the food has been great. i've even blogged about this place before. i am assuming that one of the pics that they will want to use is the pic of their beignets (see top image). for those of you who read my blog regularly, you'll recognize the beignet pic. this is one of the few times that i'm willing for a pic to appear in more than one posting.

being the nosy person that i am, when i got back to my hotel this evening i decided to google the person that sent the email. sure enough, when i found them i realized that it was extremely likely that we know someone in common given this person's work history.

talk about a small world. sigh. such a freakin' small world sometimes....

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