Sunday, July 5, 2009

the snarky sisters at frog hollow farm

"you do realize how horrified men would be if they realized what we actually talk about right?" i said to the heart sister as we walked away from the sf ferry building this afternoon . we both laughed and then i said "it is always the quiet ones." "yeah" she replied, "because people don't realize what the quiet ones are thinking about."

true. very true.

it was a great "away" weekend with the heart sister and there were definitely some snarky moments that we couldn't help but have a good laugh over. one of the moments occurred before we headed to the sf ferry building....when we checked out of the hotel. the young man that was ringing up the hotel bill kept looking back and forth between us. i remember thinking: "dude, you need to concentrate on the task at hand....instead of trying to figure out if we are lesbians." yet, alas, i wasn't the only one that had this particular cynical thought. the heart sister also agreed that the guy was trying to figure us out. then, i must admit that i took it a bit farther and may have said matter-of-factly....something along the lines of "yeah, i bet that he probably got turned on at the thought of us." there were also a few other comments throughout the day that are probably a bit inappropriate for the blog.

we can be a bit brutal when it is just us. i admit it.

yet despite our typical snarky selves, we were all sweetness and light as we wandered around the sf ferry building and noshed on some breakfast pastries from frog hollow farm.

in addition to shared snarkiness, we also share a pretty strong sweet tooth and frog hollow farm makes some absolutely lovely pastries...

i ordered the organic cherry tartlet which was completely sublime....

yummmmmm. soooo juicy.....sooooo goooooood.

don't you wanna take a bite? right now? c' know you wanna take a taste. they are almost magical. you know they must be when all snarkiness was put on hold while we were noshin' on our pastries. these pastries demanded our full attention and respect....and it was probably, oh a full five minutes or so after we were done before it started up again.

the ferry building marketplace (frog hollow farm stall #46), san francisco, ca, 94111, (415) 445-0990,

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Chelsea said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Very decadent indeed:)