Thursday, July 23, 2009

uncomplicated snacking

today was a day of uncomplicated snacking.

this morning was kicked off with a large cup of black tea with these chewy dim sum rice cakes that were stuffed with sweetened bean paste. i have no idea what the chinese name for them are....

but they are pretty good.

then, later in the afternoon, i decided to take a quick break from work to pay a visit to the thursday's berkeley farmers' market. i was glad to see that there were lots of folks milling about.....buying produce and such.

unfortunately, as i take off on saturday for the uk, i had to resist the temptation to buy some of the lovely produce in many of the stalls. yet, i could still stop into frog hollow to buy one of their pastries. after quickly perusing their wares, i decided upon the white peach and plum tartlet. it was quite juicy and yummmy.

i must admit that my all time favorite frog hollow pastries are the savory ones....the ones filled with carnitas (my all time frog hollow fave)....or the butternut squash ones ...or the mushroom leek ones....hmmmm....just thinking about them makes my mouth water. but alas, you have to go to their permanent stall in the sf ferry building to get the savory ones. yet, the sweet pastries are quite lovely.

normally, my snacking would have ended there, but i decided to be quite the glutton today and stopped by the ici ice cream stall

to grab a scoop of peppermint chocolate chip as well...

yum yum. as i walked back to my place today, eating my artisan ice cream, i couldn't help but be thankful for living in the bay area. i mean, look at what i was able to nonchalantly snack on today! such lovely food. sigh. it makes the foodie hunter quite satisfied.

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