Saturday, August 29, 2009

lovely time at the eat real festival

i went early and as you can see....i had a lovely and yummy time.

my favorite tastes include kara's chocolate fleur del sel caramel cupcake (big shock...already knew i liked these but i LOVE the fact that they have debuted their mobile/van outlet)

i sense weight gain in my future. i also had my first korean taco from the seoul on wheels truck...

which was just lovely. absolutely. the folks there were super nice too.

also extremely tasty was the steak pie i had from the pie truck. they too were super nice.

as i arrived early to avoid the crowds, i waited around a bit for the 4505 meats booth to get up and running so that i could have one of their infamous hot dogs....

it was well worth the wait.....absolutely yummerific.

if you are interested in seeing the full set of the pics i took of the eat real festival, please visit my flickr page here:


Thursday, August 27, 2009

vosges caramels

oh vosges much do i love thee? oh let me count the ways....

yup, i'm still counting....


Chelsea has a good point...she asked me where she can get them.... I bought them at bittersweet cafe which has locations in the sf bay area.

Bittersweet in Rockridge
5427 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 654-7159

Bittersweet in San Francisco
2123 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 346-8715

Order Online



i know that you are in town. i've broken my self-imposed ban on not seeing how you are via various social media outlets. i've never been in this position before. missing someone and wanting to know how they are doing. hmmmm....perhaps i should "own" and take responsibility for these statements.

i miss you. i always want to know how you are doing. i always want to see you.

yet, am i going to drop you a note to say those things? nope. i'm not. i want to email you to say those things. yet, what did i do instead? i went to the cupcake place and bought a cupcake.

tasty yes...but not very fulfilling.

so here i am....writing this posting instead.

because i broke my self-imposed ban and took a look to see what is going on in your life, i thought i could use this medium to say the things that i would say to know....if we were sitting across from each other, grabbing a late night bite to eat in the city.

it is good to see so many things happening. i see that the group obtained additional funding and won the proposal for a substantial amount of services. even though i am not there, my guess is that those things took a substantial amount of effort and finesse. speaking of effort, i see that your team has grown quite a bit. it wasn't like your life wasn't busy before, but i imagine it is quite chaotic now.....yet, i am extremely am glad that you are still making time for certain design pieces. i can see how these experiences are laying the foundation for when you decide to have your own firm......having one foot in design and one foot in business. i must admit that i feel a sense of pride in all that you've accomplished and making things happen for you. i hope you feel proud as well.

i guess i wanted to say these things to let you know that even though this is a quiet time, it doesn't mean that i care for you any less.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just wanted to let you know

i think its time for you and i to have a chat. perhaps over some very strong english tea and a few of these delicious shortbread cookies from patisserie philippe.

a lovely gift from a fellow foodie who knew that i don't have the opportunity to visit this wonderful patisserie now that i live in the east bay. there is something quite appropriate about us having this chat over tea and cookies. i have a feeling that over the course of human history there have been lots of disclosures over warm beverages and sweet treats.

so here we are.

just you and me.

well, i wanted let you know that there have been a few things that i've wanted to say over the past few weeks. yet, i have remained silent.

one of the motivations behind my starting this blog was to challenge me.....a notoriously private and what many people have and still label as "cold", "distant", "impersonal", etc. when they are being be more open to letting others see who i am. this has not been an easy let people see the person that prior to writing this blog, only a select few loved ones had the opportunity to see.

over the past year and a half, i've shared my joys, foibles, weaknesses, anger, and some of the most private of thoughts regarding marriage, divorce, rebuilding a life post-divorce, falling for a loved one, and heart break. i've shown you the high expectations i have for myself while also poking fun at my pretty obvious weaknesses. as i have done these revealing things, i've watched in partial fascination and horror as more and more people visit the blog, more links appear, more organizations requesting use of various pictures, more people figuring out who i am, etc. etc.

it was unexpected.

i could feel myself retreat away from the original motivation of being more open. i began wondering if this blog was becoming something different....and increasingly more distant...and increasingly less "me".

i began thinking that "well, maybe that is ok."

then i came across work by jeffrey brown, an artist whose medium is the graphic novel. the first book i read was "clumsy". while reading "clumsy", i laughed, i squirmed, i sighed, and i cried. it is a brave work for its heart wrenching bittersweet look at the awkwardness of falling in love and being in a relationship. one of the guys at comic relief said that he found the book to be too uncomfortable as he felt like he was in the room with jeffrey brown. my reaction was different. it was because of that feeling of being in the same room that "clumsy" has become one of my favorite books. in another jeffrey brown work, called "funny misshapen body", he talks about how "clumsy" came together. it was not an easy process or journey, but he found a way to bring it all together.

it made me think a lot about what this blog has meant to it is allowed me to combine my loves of writing, food, and photography....and how it has pushed me to grow.

do i think i can be as brave as jeffrey brown? to produce work of such honesty knowing that people are reading it? knowing that people that actually know him are reading it? not just the chosen few....

i don't know. i really don't. i guess you could say that i'm working this out.

yet, i thought i should let you know where i am.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sweet corn soup

hmmmm. i am currently waiting for a couple of packages to be delivered. one of the packages includes my new business cards which include my new title. a new title that seems rather silly and only really makes sense if you work for my company. i wonder what my accountant is going to say. the last time i told him what i did for a living he just looked at me like i was from mars or something. because i am waiting for packages to arrive, it means i cannot leave my place. i'd really like to take a walk since it is so nice outside....but alas, no. i suppose my break will consist of blogging about the sweet corn soup i made last week and i have been having the leftovers for the past few days or so.

i had been wanting to make this soup for a while....well, ever since i read about it on CK's blog. for the recipe and useful details like that, you can find it here. i didn't follow the recipe exactly but used it as a guide.

i'm going to do my usual show you pics about what i made but not provide any detailed recipes....because, well, in general that is how i cook. so i started with some corn and an onion (i actually only used half since the onion was so huge),

cut the corn off the cobs

sauteed the onion for a while in quite a substantial amount of butter. once the onions were translucent, i added the corn, stirred it around a bit, added the cobs and some water....

simmered it for a while....

reserved some of the cooked corn....

used an immersion blender (i think this is one of my favorite kitchen appliances) to blend the rest into a soup.....

then added the corn kernels....

pretty easy huh?

then i added some roasted cherry tomatoes i had on hand.....

as well as some mcevoy extra virgin olive oil.

this was supremely yummy. i ended up having this combination a couple of times....

it is also supremely tasty with creme fraiche as CK mentions as a complement in her posting. i think this is a pretty versatile soup as it could withstand various "add ins" to make completely different soups and flavors.

today i had the last bit of leftover soup for lunch and wanted to share with you one of the variations i like....but i warn you...this isn't for everyone. the last variation i did today consisted of adding some cayenne pepper before i nuked it in the microwave....

then after i reheated it....

i added some creme frachie ....

and some mcevoy extra virgin olive oil...

i debated whether or not to share this variation with you. it is a bit unusual. yet, i do like spicy soups on occasion [massive understatement] and i found it to be a comforting combo. i have a feeling that the regular sweet corn soup is going into my rotation. also, i think i'd like to try it as a roasted corn soup next...with a squirt of lime before serving. if there are other additions that you'd like to share, please let me know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

posted oakland chinatown streetfest pics on flickr

hi there.

just a quick post to let you know that i've posted a set of pics that i took of oakland chinatown's streetfest that occurred over the weekend.

you can view them here:



Sunday, August 23, 2009

posted sf street food festival pics on flickr...

i am glad that i decided to attend the sf street food festival early.

i am extremely glad.

i've posted the pics on flickr if you are interested in taking a look:

'til later.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

couldn't wait for you

i waited too long to eat today. i was wrapped up in numbers, completely pre-occupied, singing along with the silly songs that were piping through on my pandora, when it hit me. this wave of uber hunger. it was my body saying "you have to eat. NOW!".

"oh shit. yeah, eating...good idea." and then i pranced off to my kitchen. i've been wanting to make this sweet corn soup that i read about in CK's blog, but when i looked at my newly acquired stack of corn, i realized this wasn't going to happen right now. i couldn't wait.

then it came to me, how about some broiled figs and prosciutto? maybe some arugula too? yeah, that would work. fast and tasty. i had a feeling that this wasn't going to be one of those meals that i savored slowly. i wanted something satisfying, fast, and well, still sensual. for me, food must be sensual.

i cut up the figs

tossed them into a pie plate

and into the broiler. while they were under the broiler, i broke out some of the prosciutto i had just picked up last night so that it could warm up a bit....

hmmmm, that really does look quite sexy doesn't it? anyway, i was dancing around my kitchen in hunger by the time the figs were ready....

i spooned out some of the hot fig halves, burning the tips of my fingers as i wrapped the prosciutto around them, and then popped them into my mouth.

hey, when i want...i want...and i wanted NOW...not later.

oooooohhhh, sooooo goooood. soooo yummmy.

it wasn't until i had about 3 of them that i could actually stop, plate a couple, and take a picture.

you're lucky i was willing to do this given how hungry i was.

then, i ate those and then wrapped up the rest of the figs and proceeded to nestle them into the bed of arugula.

as my initial pangs had been sated, i was able to take a bit more time with the shots, add some balsamic and mcevoy extra virgin olive oil....

and give into some anticipation of what i was about to eat.

as i took my first bite that included the arugula, olive oil, prosciutto and fig, i said to myself "this tastes naughty." the warm smooth salty meaty sweetness coupled with the slippery fruity olive with the bite of bitterness from the arugula. yup, pretty naughty.

you know, naughty in a very very very good way.

sigh. it was perfect.

posted rome pics on flickr

hi there.

just a quick note to let you know that i've finally uploaded my pics from the trip to rome.

you can view the set here:



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tuna and sweet corn sandwich - foodie hunter style

it was during this last trip to the uk that i ate my first tuna and sweet corn sandwich. i had no idea that such a combination even existed. yet, apparently, in england, tuna and sweet corn is an everyday combination that you find pretty much in any place that offers humble lunchtime sandwiches. for example, my first introduction to it was when i was in manchester for work and was heading to tesco's to pick up some lunch. this is pretty common thing for people in the uk office to do. i don't rock the food boat when i am with work people. anyway, DH wanted me to pick him up a tuna and sweet corn sandwich or a tuna and cucumber sandwich. my reaction was "huh? wtf is that?" sure enough, there they were at tesco's. once i saw this combination, i started seeing it quite a bit around (i.e., mark and spencer's simply food, boot's, etc. etc.). then i decided to just ask some brits straight out..."are these combinations pretty normal?" their surprised responses were something along the lines "what? you mean you don't have that in the states?"

nope. can't say that we do.

yet, last night for dinner, i decided to make my own version. i grabbed some solid white tuna, organic mayo, salt, pepper, and organic corn....mixed it all up and put it between two slabs of acme upstairs bread. pretty simple dinner. nope, i didn't take any pics last night. yet, there was enough of the mixture for me to make an open faced sandwich for my lunch today.

i love leftovers! they make life a bit easier....especially when making lunch. so today, i toasted some acme upstairs bread and ate a fig while the bread was toasting.

hey! this is my random food life we are discussing. things like this happen a lot. i sense a fig, cheese, and compote plate in my near future. anyway, once the bread was toasted

i dished out the leftover tuna and sweet corn mixture on top of the toast...

you know, it was pretty good.

i don't know if it will make the regular rotation of sandwiches, but it is nice to have another quickie sandwich in the foodie hunter repertoire. it is a bit random and funny that i had to go to england to get it though.