Sunday, August 16, 2009

balsamic caramel ice cream at humphry slocombe

after i dropped off the best friend at bliss spa so that she could get her belated bday present of a ginger rub and massage, i headed over to the mission to hang out at humphry slocombe. while i was standing in line, observing the ice cream parlor,

and deciding upon which flavors to order, i was shaking my head laughing at myself. sometimes, i think i am such an odd gal.

while i was dropping the best friend off, i couldn't have darted out of the bliss spa fast enough. my reaction walking into bliss was not the same as the best friend. she was super excited and when we entered the spa, she said "that smells good." i just remember thinking, "omg, i've got to pay ASAP so i can leave".

why did i head over to humphry slocombe and not stick around and do the "girl" know, getting massage-spa experience together at bliss?

i'll tell you a not so secret foodie hunter fact.

if i'm not boning down with you then there is no way i want to be naked and get a massage from you.

yup, that is pretty much how it is.

yet, this wasn't my bday present, this was the best friend's bday present. she loves massages and also leads a rather intense lifestyle these days. i thought a bday present of some alone pampering time would probably be just the thing right now. for her. not for me.

yet, i was probably just as excited at the thought of getting to visit humphry slocombe as she was about getting the bliss ginger rub. so whilie she was getting the rub down, i was slowly relishing each and every taste of my humphry slocombe ice cream. what flavors did i decide upon this time? i chose the secret breakfast flavor (bourbon and cornflakes) as well as balsamic caramel....

that's the balsamic caramel on top.

it was absolutely amazing. salty and tangy. sweet and creamy. luscious and wonderful. i remember slowing coating the spoon....and feeling pure pleasure with every taste. i adore ice cream from humprhy slocombe. if you'd like to see a pic of the secret breakfast ice cream, please feel free to visit here. i remember the first time i tried the balsamic caramel

from a tasting spoon.....and i remember thinking "now where have you been my entire life?" the guy at the counter laughed at my expression after i tasted it. at that time though, i decided upon the prosciutto flavor because it isn't in as high rotation as the balsamic caramel. yet, this time, i decided that my second flavor was going to be the balsamic caramel and was obviously not disappointed.

it was just as amazing as i remembered.

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street (at 24th), san francisco, ca 94110, + 1 415 550 6971, hours: tuesday-sunday, 12pm to 9pm, closed mondays, cash only

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