Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i am back home.

it feels good to be able to speak to loved ones without the major time zone difference and i adore having access to my kitchen again.

yet, returning home has been a bit bittersweet.

i love being home and having a chance to re-enter my life without immediately going back to work. this was and is a good plan. yet, sometimes the universe decides to throw challenges into well laid plans and a thoughtfully constructed life. yet this time, the universe wasn't as cruel as it could have been as these challenges appeared once i returned home and was able to begin to work some things out in my kitchen.

for the past couple of days i have been making very simple fare.....fare that reminds me of rome actually. in today's case, my lunch was super simple.... roman....but with a berkeley-sf-bay-area twist.

i started with prosciutto di parma...

then added fresh mozzarella from belfiore cheese co (berkeley-based).....

then some lovely mcevoy extra virgin olive oil....

then finished the dish with some freshly ground coarse black pepper....

it was lovely.

the salty savory prosciutto coupled with the succulent silky mozzarella......and the olive oil...hmmm.... such a lovely fat that makes the dish all the more decadent. it really is about the quality of ingredients in such simple dishes.

as i was noshing on my lunch, i thought a lot about how far i have come and how different my life is. i mean, when i was a neophyte, i had maps of different countries on my walls....to help me dream of a time where i could be somewhere else....and to let me know that there were other worlds, spheres of existence, cultures, and experiences that did not have the resemble the one i was currently in. these were the dreams i clung to when i was younger during some of the more difficult times. it is interesting that despite all of my practicality even as a neophyte, i hadn't lost my ability to dream....to have faith that things could be different....to just know that life could be different.

so, here i am now. just having gotten back from being in london and rome. proof positive that it is possible to make a better life for oneself....despite certain odds. proof positive that where you come from does not have to define where you will be....or who you choose to be.

i suppose that is what challenges are for....to remind me that my life has been a series of my choices based on deliberation, risk, faith, and the desire to be a good person. all things that are not exactly quantifiable, practical, logical, or remotely easy to implement.

yet, i choose to be who i am today....and everyday. this is something i will never forget. ever.

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