Thursday, August 6, 2009

colosseo and boccondivino

location: rome, italy
time: after 8pm

it was quite day today.

i started out the day pretty early by taking a cab down to the colosseo. i wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible. i highly recommend that if you decide to visit the colosseo (colosseum) while in rome you book tickets in advance and then avoid the cashier line. even at 9am, the line (it opens at 8:30) for the cashier was massive. since i booked the ticken online, i was able to walk right up the left hand side and go right in. this helps tremendously as it allowed me to walk around and explore the colosseo without dealing with the large crowds.

it was rather stunning.

after spending quite a bit of time at the colosseo, i decided to walk back to my hotel. it was a good walk and afforded me another look at the city. one of my favorite things to do is just wander around a city on foot, and i've definitely not been disappointed with my wandering about rome. it has been a facinating visit and i think just what i needed to feel like i've "gotten away".

as this is my last day in rome, i wanted to ensure that my main meal was going to be good. i decided upon boccondivino, which is a modern ristorante.

the interior was very tasteful with a mix of different types of art around the space.

like the osteria dell'ingengo, this seemed like a place that i would go at home. it is a bit more upscale than the osteria dell'ingengo though....and i had been eye-balling it for a few days. the place starts hopping for lunch about 2ish, and there are a lot of smartly dressed i got there early...about 1ish. the meal i had at boccondivino was absolutely divine and my server was an incredible sweetheart.

i started with the mozzarella di bufala with prosciutto. the server recommended adding some extra virgin olive oil and some black pepper with it. i took her advice...and the starter was delicious. absolutely delicious.

despite it being a rather large starter, i ate it all.

next, for my "main course", i had the osso bucco

which was super yummy...i especially love the marrow...

and a side of chicory, which was very good....

my gawd! what a meal! i had such a delightful experience at boccondivino.

the price of the meal with bread service, a carafe of sparkling water, a glass of excellent wine, the starter, the meat dish, and the veg dish, was 35 euros. it was a rather large amount of great food for the price.

i think this was an excellent meal to end my visit to rome with. i may pop out for some gelato later, but i really doubt i'll be eating "dinner".

well, i must get back to packing, my ride picks me up at 4:30am tomorrow for my trip back to london.

until later dear hearts.....


boccondivino, piazza campo marizio 6, roma, italy, tel: 06 683086626,

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