Thursday, August 20, 2009

couldn't wait for you

i waited too long to eat today. i was wrapped up in numbers, completely pre-occupied, singing along with the silly songs that were piping through on my pandora, when it hit me. this wave of uber hunger. it was my body saying "you have to eat. NOW!".

"oh shit. yeah, eating...good idea." and then i pranced off to my kitchen. i've been wanting to make this sweet corn soup that i read about in CK's blog, but when i looked at my newly acquired stack of corn, i realized this wasn't going to happen right now. i couldn't wait.

then it came to me, how about some broiled figs and prosciutto? maybe some arugula too? yeah, that would work. fast and tasty. i had a feeling that this wasn't going to be one of those meals that i savored slowly. i wanted something satisfying, fast, and well, still sensual. for me, food must be sensual.

i cut up the figs

tossed them into a pie plate

and into the broiler. while they were under the broiler, i broke out some of the prosciutto i had just picked up last night so that it could warm up a bit....

hmmmm, that really does look quite sexy doesn't it? anyway, i was dancing around my kitchen in hunger by the time the figs were ready....

i spooned out some of the hot fig halves, burning the tips of my fingers as i wrapped the prosciutto around them, and then popped them into my mouth.

hey, when i want...i want...and i wanted NOW...not later.

oooooohhhh, sooooo goooood. soooo yummmy.

it wasn't until i had about 3 of them that i could actually stop, plate a couple, and take a picture.

you're lucky i was willing to do this given how hungry i was.

then, i ate those and then wrapped up the rest of the figs and proceeded to nestle them into the bed of arugula.

as my initial pangs had been sated, i was able to take a bit more time with the shots, add some balsamic and mcevoy extra virgin olive oil....

and give into some anticipation of what i was about to eat.

as i took my first bite that included the arugula, olive oil, prosciutto and fig, i said to myself "this tastes naughty." the warm smooth salty meaty sweetness coupled with the slippery fruity olive with the bite of bitterness from the arugula. yup, pretty naughty.

you know, naughty in a very very very good way.

sigh. it was perfect.

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