Sunday, August 16, 2009

foodie hunter goes on an anthropological expedition

rather unexpectedly this evening, i found myself at a tiki bar in rockridge that was a site of an ultra runner party.

it was a semi-impromtu attendance. the best friend and i were on our way back from the city when we realized that the timing worked out for heading over for the ultra runner party. yet, before we stopped into the tiki bar, i had asked her if she would be down for stopping into the bittersweet cafe before we went to the party. i think i needed some "gearing up" time before being social with a bunch of people i didn't know. i also wanted to have a cup of their bittersweet hot chocolate. once i was done with the hot chocolate (see above pic), i was ready to be social. we walked across the street to the tiki bar.

as the best friend has become integrated into this community over the past year, i knew in advance that this was going to be a good group of people. so it was an opportunity for me to be somewhat social as well as meet folks that she has been spending a lot of time with.

i really had no idea what to expect. i am not an ultra runner. while i may enjoy gallivanting around a city for hours on foot, i am not an athletic person. therefore, when i attended this party, i felt like i was a part of an anthropological expedition. it was rather fascinating to observe the dynamics and meet a group of extremely driven high energy group of people. it was definitely nice to meet people i've heard and read so much about.

there was one person in particular that i think will be my crush from afar. when he walked in, i was like "whoa. are you real?" i mean, i had seen pictures of him before and thought, "yeah, he's a good looking guy and all", but didn't really think anything of it. however, it was much different in person. when he walked in and we were introduced, i could see how there is a vitality to the way he moves, how he is very present, and very aware of his surroundings. he is, as the brits would say, "switched on". also, as we were introduced my immediate hit was "here is a good person" and then i felt the next hit which was "i'm attracted to this person."

this was a jolt to the system. it wasn't the "oh, he's hawt kind of jolt" (which he is hawt btw, no freaking doubt about it) it was the "i'm attracted" jolt.

the experience of feeling attracted to someone upon first meeting has not happended in a very long time. it was rather unexpected.

it definitely provided me with some food for thought.

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