Friday, August 7, 2009

foodie hunter in the city

location: london
time: after 10pm

i arrived in the city of london this afternoon. as i walked around, absorbing the hustle and bustle of this area, i was reminded of how lucky i am to have a job that allows me to travel. it affords me the luxury of picking different neighborhoods to explore without feeling the pressure to do any whistlestop tours. i doubt many american visitors make special trips out places such as tooting and hammersmith just so that they can eat southeast asian/indian food. i hope that i'll be able to make it out to shilpa in hammersmith or tooting again this weekend, but we'll see. i'm a bit tired at the moment.

the airport transport picked me up from hotel adriano in rome at 4am this morning. they were early. despite the fact that rome really isn't all that far away from london, it took quite a while to get here. no wonder so many brits just fly directly into milan and then get local italian carrier flights or take the train. live and learn i suppose. anyway, because of the travel time and my lack of sleep, i was feeling a bit punchy when i arrived into the city. the thought of taking the tube again out to a neighborhood on the outskirts felt like it was too much effort. as a result, i ended up at bengal tiger on carter lane. there are a few interesting looking places on carter lane including grace

and ochre

but i was in the mood for indian food.....and not pub indian food. so, bengal was my local pick. bengal tiger is obviously a place that caters to the financial crowd.

it is only open during the week and has a full bar. yet the combo of good food, modern surroundings, and attentive service was just what i needed though.

the service was great from the moment i walked through the door. when i perused their menu which you can find here....i knew immediately what i was going to have. they have a dish that i felt like was made especially for my taste buds.....they have duck jalfrezi (i.e., duck with tomatoes, onions, and green chilies...yum yum). my goodness it was that supremely tasty. i also ordered the bhindi which was also especially good....the texture was perfect. the table i had didn't have picture-friendly lighting so my pics didn't come out too great. yet, thankfully, they have some pics on the gallery section of their web site which you can find here.

i am glad that i had an opportunity to see the city in action. it definitely gave me a different perspective on the london. i definitely think i could live in london. tomorrow, i have a feeling the city will be empty...which will allow me to explore a bit, head over to the tate modern, and take some pics. yet, i have a feeling that i'll be hopping on the tube to get something to eat elsewhere. i wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the food places like bengal tiger, are closed on the weekends in this 'hood.

bengal tiger, 62 carter lane, london, EC4V, united kingdom, +44 20 7248636,

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