Saturday, August 15, 2009

geek love & the boys of comic relief part deux

before i headed downtown to see district 9, i decided to pay a visit into comic relief and grab some taro frozen yogurt before the movie started. i'm so glad that i did. it has been a difficult week and by the time i left the comic relief bookstore, i was struggling not to laugh outright at some of the antics of the guys at comic relief.

as i have blogged about previously, i have my faves amongst those that work at this epically great comic bookstore. if i ever move out of the country, comic relief will be one of those things that i will miss dearly. there seemed to be quite a contingent of staff working and hanging out in the store today. i went later than i usually do, so perhaps there was a shift change in progress. anyway, 2 of my top 3 faves were working in the store today. the 2 that were hanging out were SO (aka the snarky one) and TB (aka the teddy bear). i haven't seen LO (aka the lanky one) for quite some time actually. perhaps he's moved on. for more info on why i've named them as such, please feel free to visit here.

i have a carefully maintained distant persona when i visit the store. comic relief is one-of-a-kind and it isn't a good idea to play favorites when you visit the store as often as i do. yet, there are times, like today, when it is very difficult to keep the distant persona up. after doing my typical browsing, i went to the front counter pay for my purchases. i ended up walking into an odd conversation that consisted of the SO indicating a bit defensively that he thought girls had cooties when he was younger and that something was wrong with him during that time. you know, he must have had a disease or something.

you try having a straight face walking up to a conversation like that one.

i tried to pretend that i didn't hear him say that but it was supremely difficult.

then one of the guys starts talking about having "lesbianitis" which made me want to roll my eyes. i cannot tell you how many times i've heard variations of straight male fascination and fantasy with lesbians. i may be socially retarded when it comes to guys, but that only applies if they try to flirt. i'm fine when there is no flirting involved. any flirting comes up... then that is when the foodie hunter scurry instinct kicks in and i quickly identify the nearest exit. the guys that work at the store do not flirt with me which is one of the reasons why it is a sanctuary. yet, in this situation, the whole foodie-hunter-must-maintain-distance-thing wasn't working in my favor. i couldn't exactly roll my eyes as that would be acknowledging that i was privy to them having this conversation. then TB pipes in and calls them on the whole "lesbianitis" thing.

by this point, one of them handed over my bag and i had completed the transaction. i don't know if they felt comfortable continuing the conversation in front of me because i'm a regular or what. but, i did find the whole thing quite funny.

i was still shaking my head in amusement when i was in yogurt harmony grabbing my taro frozen yogurt....

and wrote a bit about the experience in my journal. it really is good to be home.

comic relief, 2026 shattuck ave., berkeley, ca 94704, +1 510 843 5002,

yogurt harmony, 2259 shattuck ave, berkeley, ca 94704-1432, +1 (510) 848-5903,

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