Thursday, August 27, 2009



i know that you are in town. i've broken my self-imposed ban on not seeing how you are via various social media outlets. i've never been in this position before. missing someone and wanting to know how they are doing. hmmmm....perhaps i should "own" and take responsibility for these statements.

i miss you. i always want to know how you are doing. i always want to see you.

yet, am i going to drop you a note to say those things? nope. i'm not. i want to email you to say those things. yet, what did i do instead? i went to the cupcake place and bought a cupcake.

tasty yes...but not very fulfilling.

so here i am....writing this posting instead.

because i broke my self-imposed ban and took a look to see what is going on in your life, i thought i could use this medium to say the things that i would say to know....if we were sitting across from each other, grabbing a late night bite to eat in the city.

it is good to see so many things happening. i see that the group obtained additional funding and won the proposal for a substantial amount of services. even though i am not there, my guess is that those things took a substantial amount of effort and finesse. speaking of effort, i see that your team has grown quite a bit. it wasn't like your life wasn't busy before, but i imagine it is quite chaotic now.....yet, i am extremely am glad that you are still making time for certain design pieces. i can see how these experiences are laying the foundation for when you decide to have your own firm......having one foot in design and one foot in business. i must admit that i feel a sense of pride in all that you've accomplished and making things happen for you. i hope you feel proud as well.

i guess i wanted to say these things to let you know that even though this is a quiet time, it doesn't mean that i care for you any less.



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