Thursday, August 13, 2009

ici ice cream for dinner

well, today was my first day back at work.

because i didn't check email over my vacation, i had a feeling today was going to be a bit rough and it was. it started at 6am and i took a quick break to make myself a spicy okra stir fry with wild rice for lunch today. no, i did not take any pictures. it was one of those must-make-something-as-quickly-as-possible kind of meals. yet, by the time i looked up from various work 6pm. yikes! i knew that i had limited time before the berkeley farmers market closed up for the day so i hopped into the shower really quick and then walked over to the market.

i arrived at the market about 6:15pm and it was still pretty busy.

i wasn't in the mood to do any shopping since i was a bit fried and had already loaded up on groceries from berkeley bowl a couple of days ago. yet, i decided to be quite naughty and have ici ice cream for dinner.

i must admit that this thought was lingering through my head all day today. "hmmmm, as a reward for myself, i could have ici ice cream for dinner since today is the berkeley farmers market." so i decided to stand in the surprisingly short line....

and perused what flavors were left for the day....

before deciding on a scoop of the chili sweet corn and a scoop of the ginger snap...

i must say that they were quite nice. who says that you can only have ice cream for dinner when you are on vacation?

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