Monday, August 3, 2009

kindness makes a difference to the weary traveler

location: frankfurt airport
time: 2:15pm

i left my london hotel right before 6am this morning. there were some delays at heathrow so i ended up missing my connection to rome. it was a very frustrating experience as i ran, huffed, and puffed my way from frankfurt's terminal B to terminal A. what is particularly galling is that the flight landed by terminal A and then for some odd reason took all of the passengers by bus from the plane to terminal B. the whole german-perspective-of-giving-you-no-choice did not work in my favor. naturally because of the delay at heathrow, the distance between the terminals, the passport control, and yet another round of security, i did not make my connection.

yet, it wasn't for lack of trying as i ran from one terminal to another.

while i seriously disliked flying through frankfurt before, i can honestly say that i absolutely hate flying through it now. the logic of the frankfurt airport completely escapes me. it is almost enough to put me off visiting germany. although, i won't say i won't ever visit berlin is on the list of cities i would like to visit. must be practical in my oaths.

anyway, as you could probably tell dear hearts, i was extremely tired and upset. i freshened up and changed my clothes in the restroom (yes, i was that nasty from the running that my dress was soaking) and went about trying to find something to eat. i did not have the energy to figure out where the star alliance lounge was. the last thing i wanted to do was schlep my stuff around the frankfurt airport some more. thankfully, an airport restaurant called "beyond airport" was near my gate. i stopped by and saw that they actually had some decent offerings. i almost wept. the gentleman behind the counter was quite kind and courteous. i want to be absolutely clear....he wasn't flirty or anything like that.... he was just kind. it made quite a difference to have kind and courteous service. it helped my mood tremendously. so when i took my bottle of sparkling water and nicose salad to a nearby table...

i was able to settle down and decompress. as i was munching through my salad

i thought about the gentleman at the counter. i think that is quite a provide that sort of service when english isn't your primary language. also, so many people do the flirty service thing....which is not something i typically respond to positively, particularly when i am in an angry and dejected sort of mood.

well, the combination of the gentleman's kindess and the food has done wonders on my mood. i think i'm almost ready to face civilization again...which is a good thing......since i will be viewing some early examples of it fairly soon.

'til later dear hearts...

love as always,


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