Saturday, August 29, 2009

lovely time at the eat real festival

i went early and as you can see....i had a lovely and yummy time.

my favorite tastes include kara's chocolate fleur del sel caramel cupcake (big shock...already knew i liked these but i LOVE the fact that they have debuted their mobile/van outlet)

i sense weight gain in my future. i also had my first korean taco from the seoul on wheels truck...

which was just lovely. absolutely. the folks there were super nice too.

also extremely tasty was the steak pie i had from the pie truck. they too were super nice.

as i arrived early to avoid the crowds, i waited around a bit for the 4505 meats booth to get up and running so that i could have one of their infamous hot dogs....

it was well worth the wait.....absolutely yummerific.

if you are interested in seeing the full set of the pics i took of the eat real festival, please visit my flickr page here:


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