Tuesday, August 4, 2009

munching: candied fruit and mortadella in roma

location: rome, italy
time: around 3pm

this has been an absolutely lovely day so far. i'm currently taking a break from frolicking around the rome and am at my hotel, blogging from the parlor.

this is a lovely hotel. i'll tell you what the name of it after i leave.

anyway, i had a nice time sleeping in this morning and i started my walking about town around 9:30ish. this is a beautiful city. its beauty is unlike other cities. it is much grittier than paris. the paradoxical combination of ancient/new, grit/palatial,

and thundering small vehicles down tiny streets gives rome such amazing character. while i feel like paris is an incredibly seductive city....you know this right away. the minute you step off a met station on the left bank or the marais, etc. it is a sexy chic city. rome, in all of its contradictions facinates me, intrigues me, and makes me want to go down that unknown path just to see what might be there....underneath its wear and tear.

i've paid quite a few places a visit thus far. on the way to st. peter's i came across candy stand in an open air market. i avoided most of the kitchy merchandise from the other stands, but i was absolutely delighted to come across the candied fruits in the candy stall. the proprietior had quite an assortment.....

and the candied fruit was very tasty and norished me during my walk about rome today. my particular faves were the candied kumquats

and the candied kiwi.

after visiting the castel saint agenelo, saint peter's, and ended up at the pantheon.

at this point, i knew that i would need more than candied fruit so i stopped into a salumeria

and grabbed a bottled water, a pistachio cookie (which i would eat later) and mortadella panini. my total came to less than 6 euros. i think this is a pretty great deal considering i was right next to the pantheon.

i sat by the fountain with my relatively large and extremely tasty mortadella panini looking at folks walk by and visit the pantheon.

the whole experience was quite amazing really.

while i was munching, i noticed just how many americans, brits, and aussies were around the pantheon.i also noticed how there is a difference in service when you speak (or try to speak) italian to the vendors. i've made a very conscious effort to speak polite italian when ordering food and such since i've arrived. as a result, the service i get is great. they obviously know that i'm not italian. yet, i think that they appreciate my effort as i am trying to be respectful.

between the mortadella panini and the water, i was pretty full. also at this point, the sun was pretty strong. so i stayed on the shady sides of the streets while i walked back to my hotel. then of course, once i reached my hotel, i had burned enough energy to dig into that pistachio cookie....

which was super yummy. i've never had anything like it before. i wish i had remembered to take a pic of the name of the cookie while i was in the salumeria. sigh.

well, i think i'm going to go lay down for a bit before i head back out and do more exploring.

arrivederci a presto!



Chelsea said...

Wow, that cookie looks amazing, that color!

I know what you mean about Rome's dichotomy. When I visited the Pantheon, I thought is what pretty funny that there was a McDonald's just across the plaza.

foodie hunter said...

i have to admit that the color of the cookie was one of the reasons why i wanted to try it. :)

absolutely re: mcdonald's. i took a picture of it because i could hardly believe that it was there. kinda crazy.