Wednesday, August 5, 2009

osteria dell'ingegno in roma

location: rome, italy
time: around noonish

yesterday, after i paid the obligatory visit to trevi fountain

and side stepped the various crowds...

i decided to search out potential places to eat.

most places in roma do not start serving dinner until 7, so i had enough time to peruse menus and such. i was actually looking for something quite specific, i was looking for "a cacio e pepe" which, from what i understand, a roman specialty pasta dish that is made with sheep milk and cheese. after wandering down and around for a while, i came across osteria dell'ingegno in the piazza di pietra which had "tonnarelli a cacio e pepe alla romana con stick di zucchine croccanti" on their menu. a thick round noodle pasta with sheep milk, black pepper, and little sticks of fried zucchini. perfecto! i decided upon this place as it didn't look touristy and looked like a restaurant that i would visit at home (i.e., it wasn't looked like a discreet chic restaurant). plus, eating in their outside area had the benefit of the view...

after i made the decision to eat at osteria dell'ingegno, i scurried back to the hotel to freshen up to look presentable for "dinner". it was my understanding that italians (like new yorkers) do try to look "smart" or dress well for dinner. i'm so glad that i did btw. if you are in rome, i suggest you do the same. anyway, i arrived just after seven and was seated at a table outside.

the servers were supremely nice and after a quick perusal of the menu to ensure that the
tonnarelli a cacio e pepe alla romana con stick di zucchine croccanti was still there....

one of the servers recommended a lovely glass of red to go with my meal. everything was quite prompt and i was very much looking forward to my pasta. i wasn't disappointed....

it was absolutely lovely. the wine was perfect with the pasta.

sigh. i'm having such a wickedly good time in rome. i even indulged in dessert which consisted of a duo of creme brulee....

they were very tasty as well. although i was eating by myself, i didn't feel rushed at all. i had heard things about service in rome, but my experience has been all quite positive. i was able to watch people wander about the piazza di pietra as well as the smartly dressed italians that were coming by the osteria for drinks and nibbles. it was a lovely evening.

my bill for bread service, a glass of wine, a bottle of sparkling water, the pasta, and the dessert came to 32 euros which i handed over quite happily. i also provided a hearty tip...but then again, i'm usually a good tipper. it wasn't until i returned to my hotel and looked over one of my guide books that i realized that
osteria dell'ingegno is a fave of "italian politicians and their glamourous entourages".

this explains quite a bit.

yet, i am glad that i took the time to wander about to find osteria dell'ingegno. it was truly lovely.

osteria dell'ingegno, piazza di pietra 45, rome, italy, telephon: 06 678 06 62,

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