Tuesday, August 11, 2009

still inspired by rome

it does feel quite good to be back in my kitchen. just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you the super simple yet tasty dinner i just made for myself. like my previous posting today, it was "inspired by rome" but i injected some berkeley-sf-bay-area aspects to it.

since i have returned from italy, i wanted to make myself a salad with high quality tuna that had been preserved in oil. i noticed that high quality tuna in oil was a common ingredient on menus while i was in rome. also, in one of the tiny places where i grabbed a nibble by the "steps of rome", the owner of the place handed me a small bottle of chili oil to add to my salad. oddly enough, i had never thought of doing that before, but it was pretty tasty. this is what i had in mind when i made my dinner this evening.

i started out with some arugula and cherry tomatoes (see top image). then added some tuna that was jarred in oil...

then added some homemade chili oil.....

then added some balsamic....

as well as a bit of mcevoy olive oil as well.

again, all very simple but extremely tasty given the quality of the ingredients. it i ssoooooo nice to have access to my kitchen again. perhaps next time i go on an extended holiday, i'll rent a flat instead of staying at a hotel. it may be nice to be able to cook and try things out while i am in another country.

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