Saturday, August 8, 2009

tate modern kind of morning

location: london, england
time: after 2pm

today is my last day in london. i decided to spend the morning at the tate modern. surprisingly, despite the number of times i have visited london, i had never stepped a foot into any of the museums. it is rather shocking isn't it? i think i'll make it a goal to visit 1 museum per london visit in the future. this is one of the few instances where i am deliberately making my goal to be very small.

when i visit museums, i prefer to go first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds as much as possible. the crowds were quite manageable this morning and i even decided to take a moment to have a quick breakfast in the tate modern cafe. i ordered a hot chocolate..

to sip on and toast with mushrooms, spinach, and a fried duck egg for my breakfast nibble....

i couldn't resist when i saw it was a fried duck egg.....

it was a pretty yummy breakfast and reminded me of home actually. this is something i would make for myself in the mid mornings, after the early morning mad rush of emails and meetings are over. i think this trip has been quite good for me. i've been doing a lot of relaxing and thinking. it has been quite a change for not really have any plans for when i was in rome or even now, in london. i am just deciding on the fly....wandering around....and just see where the day takes me. i think the last thing i needed over this past week was "pressure". there is more than enough of that waiting for me when i get home.

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