Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a thwarted encounter

location: rome, italy
time: after 10pm

i had a bit of a disconcerting experience as i made my way to the trevi fountain this afternoon. instead of laying down after my last posting, i decided to freshen up a bit and then head back out to see the fountain and scope out potential dinner opportunities. as i was walking down the via del prefertti, there was this extremely attractive smiling young man walking in front of me and kept turning around. i remember thinking "hmm, that is a bit odd." but not really thinking anything about it. then, i was walking around for a bit. i really wasn't paying attention to people as i was busy doing the window shopping thing and eye-balling potential places to eat. i thought this would be my best chance of not picking something just because i was hungry. you know "field research". anyway, i stopped scouting as i decided to take a closer look at this very chic modern place as a potential. i felt someone breeze past me into the place and i remember thinking, "hmm, they are kinda close (even for a european) and there is more than enough room in this doorway." then i notice that this person has turned around and stopped, right in front of me.

guess who it was?

it was that smiling young man. he is just facing me, you know, looking at me. he is, well, lets just say that he takes very good care of himself and is quite fit. now, please keep in mind that this all happened in the span of seconds. it isn't a good idea to surprise me like that as my absolute instant reaction is to pretend he isn't there. this is behavior that has been ingrained in me...well, since as far back as i remember. so that is what i did. i continued to look around the place as if i didn't see him.

you know, even though he was right in front of me.

he then scurried off to another part of the place. so it isn't just the foodie hunter that knows how to scurry. of course, the staff at the chic place was watching the whole exchange.

i'm shaking my head right now as i type these words. actually, if i didn't know how much it would hurt, i would just bang my head against the wall.

it wasn't the super hawt guy's actions that were disconcerting. it was my reaction to it.

i am so socially retarded.

i am so sorry super hawt young man. the foodie hunter is just really socially retarded.

i mean, jez, i'm an ideal place to indulge in a bit of romance. i am single, on holiday, and there isn't anyone i work with within a thousand miles of here.

after that little encounter, i decided to take a detour before i hit trevi. i decided that it was time for some gelato. gelato doesn't make the foodie hunter feel socially retarded. gelato makes the foodie hunter quite swell. so i walked down via frattina and grabbed some zabaglione gelato....

and it was soooooooooo gooooooood. wow. yummy yummmy in the foodie hunter tummy.

if only interactions with guys could be so easy.

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