Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tuna and sweet corn sandwich - foodie hunter style

it was during this last trip to the uk that i ate my first tuna and sweet corn sandwich. i had no idea that such a combination even existed. yet, apparently, in england, tuna and sweet corn is an everyday combination that you find pretty much in any place that offers humble lunchtime sandwiches. for example, my first introduction to it was when i was in manchester for work and was heading to tesco's to pick up some lunch. this is pretty common thing for people in the uk office to do. i don't rock the food boat when i am with work people. anyway, DH wanted me to pick him up a tuna and sweet corn sandwich or a tuna and cucumber sandwich. my reaction was "huh? wtf is that?" sure enough, there they were at tesco's. once i saw this combination, i started seeing it quite a bit around (i.e., mark and spencer's simply food, boot's, etc. etc.). then i decided to just ask some brits straight out..."are these combinations pretty normal?" their surprised responses were something along the lines "what? you mean you don't have that in the states?"

nope. can't say that we do.

yet, last night for dinner, i decided to make my own version. i grabbed some solid white tuna, organic mayo, salt, pepper, and organic corn....mixed it all up and put it between two slabs of acme upstairs bread. pretty simple dinner. nope, i didn't take any pics last night. yet, there was enough of the mixture for me to make an open faced sandwich for my lunch today.

i love leftovers! they make life a bit easier....especially when making lunch. so today, i toasted some acme upstairs bread and ate a fig while the bread was toasting.

hey! this is my random food life we are discussing. things like this happen a lot. i sense a fig, cheese, and compote plate in my near future. anyway, once the bread was toasted

i dished out the leftover tuna and sweet corn mixture on top of the toast...

you know, it was pretty good.

i don't know if it will make the regular rotation of sandwiches, but it is nice to have another quickie sandwich in the foodie hunter repertoire. it is a bit random and funny that i had to go to england to get it though.

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