Thursday, September 17, 2009

4505 Meats Hot Dog "zilla style"....

i've been wanting to try one of the zilla style hot dogs from 4505 meats for quite some time. i had an opportunity to pop over to the sf ferry building for lunch today,

and pretty much made a beeline to the 4505 booth.

i knew what i wanted....

i was just trying to decide whether to get the combo or not. the combo includes the hot dog, a bag of chicharrones,

a gob (cakey dessert cookie like thing from gobba gobba hey),

and a drink.

yet, i knew for certain that i was going to get my hot dog zilla style. for those of you dear hearts that don't follow the sf bay area foodie scene that closely, a hot dog "zilla style" includes money sauce (no i have no idea what that is), kimchi (which i adore), scallions, and ryan farr's rather infamous chicharrones. ryan farr is also the guy behind 4505 btw.

while the combo may sound a bit odd to the is rather amazing. there is nothing subtle about this style of hot dog.... a lovely grilled bun, amazing quality meat, the bite of the crispy spicy kimchi, and the satisfying crunchy texture of the chicharrones.

i took lots of foodie porn shots while i was eating......

people were looking at me weird, but that is ok, i'm used to that by now....

on paper, zilla style dogs sound like an abomination....yet it is an extremely tasty abomination and in this case, sinning tastes really really freakin good.

sometimes, it feels good to be bad.

10-2pm, thursday's farmers market at the ferry building marketplace, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94111

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