Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 min meal

super duper quick posting today.

i woke up really anxious and stuff this morning. it makes for an awkward way to be begin the day. i don't know what is going on with me. yet, i hope to get some clarity on it at some point. the foodie hunter always deeply appreciates clarity. yet, on the plus side, it meant i was online pretty early this morning....working away at the most recent high priority project. as i'll be heading out for dinner at flour + water tonight, i didn't want to take regular lunch/break....so i zoomed around my kitchen today trying to figure out what i could make in, like, 5 minutes with what i had on hand.

what did i come up with?

i came up with the tuna and sweet corn "salad" with arugula and avocado. the tuna sweet corn salad was an inspiration from england (naturally)....and i must admit that it was super fast. i just grabbed a can of oil packed tuna, some corn, organic mayo, and salt.

mixed it all up

put it on top of some arugula with some chunks of avocado and voilia! done.

it was pretty tasty. i think that this was a good idea....it will help stave off any hunger pains without loading me down too much. i want to be hungry when i get to flour + water tonight. well, i'd better get back to my projects. hopefully, i'll sleep better tonight after a good meal.

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