Sunday, September 27, 2009

barolo quest

so i was up pretty late...completely hopped up on caffeine from my imbibing of blue bottle coffee yesterday. i woke up pretty lazy and decided that i would head over to paul marcus to grab a bottle of barolo for the dinner party tonight. this is going to be an epic dinner party. normally, i don't make a special trip across town into rockridge for the express purpose of purchasing a bottle of wine...but i was pretty certain that i wanted a bottle of barolo and paul marcus wines in rockridge carries quite a few of them. what's the special occasion?

CK and her hubby are cooking the main dish which is, and i quote:

"Pork confit. Pork shoulder spice brined for 2 days then slow cooked in duck fat for 5+ hours. Chilled for 24 hours and then sliced in disks to be grilled on a mesquite fire to get a nice crisp. This is served with roasted figs."


and is that all?


the best friend is bringing over a couple of bottles of homemade wine that her father made...which promises to be quite yummy....

AND (yes...there is an AND)

AB is making dessert. AB currently of Nopa and formerly Citizen Cake. sigh.

don't you wish you had my life at this moment? i love my life. i'm so freakin lucky and amazingly fortunate.

so with those must pay the proper homage. hence, the barolo for the pork. i also bought a lovely 03 haut-medoc earlier in the week for the party as well.

again, proper homage to the effort and contributions of the other members of the party.

yet, i had no idea that going to paul marcus was going to be an adventure today. i had no clue that there was a festival happening in rockridge which blocked off many streets.

thank goodness that i had my camera on me...and was able to stave off my annoyance by taking some pics of the festival

not to mention admire the roasting piggy outside of oliveto

i breathed a sigh of relief when i made it into paul marcus though....

it is a very calming sort of store and the thought of so much good wine in one place does wonders at de-stressing me. i always find good stuff here. after i purchased the bottle of barolo, i made my way back to my place. yet, alas it took a wee bit longer than i was expecting to get back since the bus i was on decided to break down and go all smokey.

i mean, i can't really make this stuff up.

it just shows how sometimes you really don't know what is going to happen when you wake up in the morning. who knew that getting a bottle of barolo would become such a quest?

paul marcus wines,, 5655 college ave # 103, oakland, ca 94618-1583, +1 (510) 420-1005

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