Tuesday, September 15, 2009

chocolatier blue patisserie

MP treated me to many things today. methinks MP enjoys spoiling me with many treats and i am definitely not complaining...it is quite the privilege to be on MP's list and it is a place not to be taken lightly. just one of the things that MP and i have in common is that we both have a very strong sweet tooth. i remember when MP and i worked together many years ago, we would often seek each other out to see what kind of sweets (aka chocolate) that we had squirreled away to help alleviate some of the pressures of managing, scheduling, and shipping books on extraordinarily fast schedules. my gad, that seems like a couple lifetimes ago....and i suppose, in many ways, it really was. yet, fast forward to present day....and as we both still have supremely strong tendencies toward sweets...MP decided to introduce me chocolatier blue patisserie. chocolatier blue patisserie took over the sketch space and i was very interested to see what they are doing with pastries. the first time i had chocolate from chocolatier blue was a couple of years ago at the sf chocolate salon and i have been to their shop on university avenue (off of milvia). yet, when MP and i walked through the doors of the patisserie, i was immediately drawn to a custard-y looking thing rather than the chocolates. the very friendly and outgoing person behind the counter explained that it was vanilla chiboust with raspberries. he explained that chiboust was a combination of pastry cream and meringue.

it was supremely rich, delicious, with an almost mousse-lik texture to it.

if you like custardy-creamy desserts (which i just absolutely adore) than i think you should visit chocolatier blue patisserie and try this sweet.

now, how often to you hear me saying that?

chocolatier blue patisserie, 1809 4th street, (between virginia street & hearst ave), berkeley, ca 94710, http://www.chocolatierblue.com/index.html

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