Wednesday, September 9, 2009

flour + water

i met up with the boisterous and charismatic SN at flour + water last night. we hadn't seen each other in ages and i was thrilled that she suggested we go to flour + water. i had been wanting to pay this place a visit for quite some time. since flour + water in SN's 'hood, she has had already been before and said how much she really enjoyed it.

so there we were, bumbling with excitement as we took our seats and perused the menu. please click on it to see a larger image of it.

so many things to choose from. so many delicious sounding things to choose from. sigh. btw, if your proclivities are towards the ladies....i must say that this is the only place that is a contender in my mind for the award for "most beautiful people". i don't mean the people that eat there. i mean the people [specifically the women] that work there. guerilla cafe still gets first place for having the most stunningly beautiful women (the men aren't exactly ugly either, but pale in comparison to the women), and it has been years since i've been to a place that could remotely compete with guerilla. the fact that flour + water did was an expected surprise. anyway, just thought i'd call a spade a spade...and now, lets get on with the food which was just as delicious as i was hoping for.

our lovely and super nice server recommended this bottle.....

which worked out quite nicely for sipping and with the entire meal. we started with the fig, pancetta and anchocress salad with pickled chantrelle mushrooms and house-pulled mozzarella.

how could that be nothing less than lovely? i think i was bouncing in my seat.


we also split the side of broccoli which was very was seasoned with anchovy and garlic.

next up, i had the wild boar ravioli.....

which was very delicious. SN had the special pasta which...please forgive me....

i believe was triangle pasta stuffed with borage and ricotta (i can't remember exactly)...

but i had a bite and it was super yummy. SN asked for some bread so that she could wipe the plate for the sauce. she liked it that much.

anyway, for dessert we split the rosemary panna cotta with fig conserve and cornmeal cookies.

this was excellent. SN who is normally not a dessert person (more of a cheese person) was almost jumping out of the chair. i liked it because...well...i love panna cotta....and i really enjoyed the sweet savory flavor. i would have never have guessed about rosemary and fig as being an intriguing combination. yet, it was. it tickled the taste buds as well as my intellect.

well, there you have it...the foodie hunter's first visit to flour
+ water. hopefully it will not be the last....

flour + water,, 2401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110-2710. +1 (415) 826-7000

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