Thursday, September 10, 2009

foodie hunter babble babble babble

wow. i'm tired.

just sent off the almost final draft of a report to the boss. i'll do my last sanity check/review in a few hours after i've gotten some sleep. hmmm....maybe i should say, after i've gotten in a "nap" rather than sleep. i predict that despite my being tired, i may have a teeny bit of trouble getting to sleep.

the last couple of days i've been drinking coffee again.....and not just any bottle coffee....akin to nectar of the gods.

oh how sweet and wonderful it is.

those of you who haven't known me a long time, probably don't know that i gave up coffee quite a few years ago. i had a horrible case of food poisoning that put me out of commission for about a week and thereby detoxed myself of my coffee addiction. i used that as an opportunity to stop drinking coffee as i thought i was going to have to quit anyway since at that time, doctors were recommending "no coffee" while pregnant. although, B and i thought we were a while away from having kids (we didn't and that is another story for another time), i thought....hey, mine as well kick the habit now. the only concession i would allow myself was coffee ice cream. i couldn't give that up. never ever ever.

cause, you see, i loooooooovvvvvveeeee coffee.

i love grinding the beans. i love the aromas that are released when you grind them. i love how the smell triggers this anticipation in me and my mood instantly lifts because i know i'm about to take a sip. i love the taste of the bitter smooth warm liquid as it rolls across my tongue. i love how after i take a sip i can feel my blood sing and my heart twirl.

why did i stop again?


i actually will cease drinking it again. i don't like how i feel like a zombie in the morning unless i've had coffee. i also don't like how extremely cranky i get when i don't have it...after having it for a while. it is actually a lot easier for me to wake up and get going in the morning when the body is completely unreliant upon coffee. yet there are certain instances, where coffee is a drug that i decide to sparingly use to spark me into more intense or longer hours. yet for now, i can revel in my addictive behavior.

also, i have this "like" threshold when it comes to stimulants. if i like the stimulant a lot...then i want the stimulant ALL OF THE TIME. this doesn't just apply to also applies to things like video games (which is why i haven't purchased a console system although i really really really want one...i have been known to sit down and play video games for 12 hours at a time). i know i have these addictive tendencies toward things that make the synapses fire even i'm pretty careful.

well, now i'm just doing my tired babbling. yet, before i signed off, i wanted to share with you a cool thing that came in the mail today...

i don't remember if i mentioned this, but i was contacted by angeline's kitchen re: putting a couple of my pics in their press packet to zagat. i asked for a copy and it arrived today. my pics are the bottom two. it felt really nice to see it. a bit silly isn't it? yet, that is how i feel.

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