Thursday, September 24, 2009

the fool in the corner

i made myself a very simple breakfast of cottage cheese, fruit, and agave this morning after my meetings. for some odd reason, i have a craving for cottage cheese. this is an odd craving for me....i think it has been...well...i want to say years....since i've eaten american-style cottage cheese. in my head right now, i can actually see the heart sister cringe with her "yucky" face as she is reading this know...that face that she makes that she tries to tell the kids not to use. anyway, i gave myself a challenge of trying to make cottage cheese look appealing. i mean, it is cottage cheese. this is not exactly a sexy ingredient. i started out with my pear and sliced it thinly.

as i was slicing, this also gave me an opportunity to think about the surprise i received this morning. i was contacted by the agency that handles the san pellegrino and acqua panna sites again. this time, they'd like to use one of the pics i took while i was in rome. each time i think about it, it gives me a little thrill and i know that i end up having a sappy grin on my face. it someone mentioned the first time the agency contacted me.... "a nice validation".

yes it is.

as i plated my slices of pear....

and scooped out the curds, i realized something was i chopped up a few slices for more texture....

and realized it was almost there. it needed some agave.....

perfect. now doesn't that look lovely?

i love taking pictures of food and if, just for a moment, my pics allow you to feel pleasure....a sigh.... longing...or anticipation.....then that makes me happy.

if you need to find me, i'll be the fool in the corner looking on with a sappy grin on my face.

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