Friday, September 4, 2009

the last why

this will be the last "why" posting in my non-food related "why" series.

for those of you who don't know what i am talking about....this is a series of postings that answer some of the questions i have received from loved ones over the years. the answers to the questions that all began with why... "why were you with B?"......"why did you marry him?"...etc.

it is appropriate that i write of this now, as it was many years ago on the 2nd of september that we decided to be together and it was many years ago on the 4th of september that i married him....on a hot sunny day much like this one. you may want to read this in is a link to the first posting.....and the second. this will be the last one.

when i had a meeting with DH today to go over my plan for my team in 2010, both of us were marveling about how many changes have occurred since i joined this company. my comment was that the past year has felt like five years. i didn't mean that in a bad is just the way it is. the pace has been intense and rather mind boggling. yet, it suits me.

also on a personal front, it has been just as intense and mind boggling. it really has felt like a lifetime since october 2007, when the marriage ended. so much has changed. so many unexpected things happened. i learned a lot about myself. i have grown so much and am excited about what the future will bring.

dear readers, those that you have been with me since the very beginning of this blog.....have had a seat beside me....viewing all of these changes, challenges, growth, joys, heart breaks, and everything in between. i think i may understand a bit more about why you have visited and returned day after day. these are the sort of things many of us go through and perhaps, just perhaps, you've experienced, felt, and known these things....and perhaps weren't able to voice them. i hope that the honest words and openess have helped you feel like you are not alone.

i had originally thought about ending the series about why the divorce happened....but then i realized, that wasn't as important as where i am now and who i am now.

i love my life and when i look to the future, i have no idea what will happen. none. yet this doesn't scare me. i know that whatever happens, i will continue to grow and hopefully, thrive.

this is why it was all worth it. every single moment.

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