Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sconehenge at berkeley bowl

i decided to do an early morning trip to berkeley bowl today. i love going to berkeley bowl on tuesday mornings as it allows me to shop the stocked produce areas in relative peace.

it also makes the experience a lot faster. the entire trip, including public transportation time, will usually take an hour in the morning. in the afternoon, it will take substantially longer. i see this as a perk of working from home and starting your workday at 7am.

the last couple of times i've been to berkeley bowl, i found myself buying a sconehenge scone. i don't mean their scones that are prepackaged in 8 oz bags. berkeley bowl sells individual scones from sconehenge. these look different (i.e., bigger and wider) than the prepacked ones. this has worked out nicely for me as i typically don't want a lot of scones....but a single scone (in this case, a mixed berry scone) is quite nice....

i find that i like how these aren't too sweet and they aren't rock heavy. they are substantially lighter...almost cakey.....

than most scones i have eaten. i know it is a bit odd to be buying a sconehenge scone from berkeley bowl as i could just step outside of the store and walk to the actual sconehenge bakery and cafe, but that would be adding more time to my trip. when i do errands during the day, i try to be as efficient as possible. oddly enough, despite living in berkeley on/off for years, i had never tried a sconehenge scone until a few weeks ago. i usually get semifreddi morning buns (which are supremely tasty). yet, since i've returned from rome, i'm trying to branch out and try new things. i've been trying to be a bit more diligent at trying 1 new thing or place a week. i notice that the busier things get at work, the easier it becomes to turn to the same things and places....to the point where i begin to not even notice other options...which is a bad thing. i mean, intense focus is good and all...but i'm trying to figure out how to not let that focus blind me to other things going on around me.

can you tell that i'm not just talking about food?

yeah, i bet you can.

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