Tuesday, September 1, 2009

shoulda brought a book

sometimes, despite being pretty emotionally retarded at times, i know when something is going to come up. in about 30 mins, it will be september 2nd. september 2nd used to be a pretty important day. i have been feeling a bit pensive about this for a while. it hit particularly strong when i was waiting to catch the bus back to my place this afternoon. i had exited berkeley bowl and i was waiting for the bus with my groceries when i realized that i didn't have a book with me. this is quite unusual and i'm surprised that i forgot...especially since the transit system is not very consistent about times and now that the students have descended up on berkeley once more, the transit system is even slower than usual.

this meant i was idle....waiting for the bus. i decided to eat my lunch then....and take a few shots to pass the time. i had grabbed this kinpira gobo from the market and knew it would make a good fast lunch as i knew i'd have to step back into work as soon as i got home.

what i like about these sort of semi pre-packaged foods is how they treat the nori/seaweed.

because it remains separate, the nori stays nice and crunchy after you wrap it around the bundle of rice.

not only do i like to hear the crinkle and taste the crispiness on my tongue, it also has the benefit of keeping my fingers from being sticky.

yet, as i took bites of the kinpira gobo,

watching the traffic, having a slow idle moment, the pensive thoughts of the upcoming days were creeping in. just like they are now, as i am writing this posting.

when i started this posting, i thought i could write about why the 2nd of september used to be an important day...yet, now, i don't think i can. thinking about it makes me feel too tired and all i want to do now, is go to sleep. so maybe i'll post about it later.

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