Friday, September 25, 2009

strawberry sorbet from scream sorbet

this isn't the first or the last time i will write about scream sorbet. usually when i get a hankering for going to the old oakland farmers' market, it is because i really want to go to scream sorbet.

although it has been a while since i've paid them a visit, the sorbet was just as wonderful as i remember. the flavors are super duper intense and i have yet to taste a sorbet that is comparable. something as "simple" as a strawberry sorbet

bursts with flavor. it is difficult to go to chains for icy treats after tasting the likes of sorbets from scream sorbet or ice cream from humphry slocombe.

while scream sorbet has traditionally been found at bay area farmers market, it looks like they will have their first "store" in the temescal neighborhood (off of 51st and telegraph). with an impish smile, the scream sorbet guy related

how they will probably be serving their sorbets from a converted hot dot cart in the store at first....but to look for an opening in october. i doubt that i am the only one that thinks that a scream retail outlet will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood.

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