Sunday, September 20, 2009

weekend brunching...

i've just returned from san jose and have a feeling that i will be processing for quite some time. i spent the weekend with LKB as her fiancee was out of town and it provided us an opportunity to have a "girls weekend". i've known LKB for quite a long time and it is pretty obvious that i love visiting san jose is not something i would willingly do for pleasure. LKB is one of those people who approach life with an energetic vitality and mischievous perspective. if i were to take a single snapshot of LKB that would describe would be a picture of her winking at the camera with an impish grin.

she thinks that i'm probably among the top ten most prudish people that she's ever met but she loves me anyway.


meeting LKB was very fortuitous for me, as she is one of my mentors. i recognized pretty early that underneath that polish and mischievousness was an extremely smart person with a nurturing steely will and to underestimate her would be a very dangerous thing indeed. the majority of my visit consisted of us talking and talking some more. i also took the opportunity to make us some brunch with some things she had on hand in her kitchen. again, another way for you to know that i love you is when i take over your kitchen to make you something from whatever you have in your fridge. in this case, i made a salad of heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and basil.....

in addition to a munster cheese omelet with some sauteed red pepper, scallions, and basil. also, because we were in the seemingly always warm san jose, we ate our brunch out on her outside patio. as we were munching on our brunch, she volunteered quite a bit of insight and feedback that will have me thinking for quite some time. i don't know if i will really discuss her insight in this blog....because some things are still a bit raw. i suppose we'll see.

yet, this is something that all of my loved ones have in common....there really isn't such a thing as "small talk"....and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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