Thursday, October 15, 2009

bowl of hot chocolate for lunch

hmmm. that didn't take very long now, did it?

today is my first day back at work and i'm already falling into habits like having hot chocolate for lunch. yet, this just isn't any hot chocolate. this hot chocolate is inspired by my recent trip to new york....specifically a visit to jacques torres chocolate on the upper west side where i had an absolutely delicious "wicked orange" hot chocolate. "wicked" is their version of spicy hot chocolate and there was also the option to make it "orange" which translated into their staff spooning in candied orange peel. i also, of course, had it topped with whipped cream.....because, why not?

while i was in new york, i felt like swooning after sipping on this hot chocolate. unfortunately, i didn't get my act together and purchase hot chocolate tins from their store but thankfully they have an online shop. yet, the fact they have an online shop didn't exactly help me out today....when i needed some major comfort. after my morning meetings and going through over a hundred emails, i decided to take a break and make myself a version of the jacques torres wicked orange hot chocolate.

i started with milk, scharffenberger cocoa (i ran out of my typical dagoba yesterday), orange marmalade, cayenne, and cinnamon.

i added a few large spoonfuls of cocoa to my mug of milk as well as a pinch or two of freshly grounded cinnamon, and quite a bit of cayenne. then i nuked it in the microwave.

i took out the mug and did a bit of mixing with my dandy foamer/mixer....

then spooned (or in this case i used a fork) two helpings of orange marmalade.....

this is key btw....don't be stingy with the marmalade. less is not better in this case.

then vigorously mixed it together with the fork (this is the reason why i use a fork to put the marmalade in the mug) and then nuked it again in the microwave for a bit. then, i took it out of the microwave, did a couple of more swirls with the fork, and the poured it into the bowl....

the reason why i don't just heat it in the bowl is that it is easier for me to mix and heat everything up in this large mug i have and then transfer it into a bowl. there is also something very comforting about sipping hot chocolate from a bowl...the experience of holding the warm bowl in both hands relays another level of sensory comfort and is a nice complement to the warm drink...i highly recommend trying this if you haven't already. anyway, once the dark spicy orange flavored hot chocolate was in the bowl,

i added some very large homemade-like marshmallows

that reminded me of the ones i had at terrace 5 at the ny moma.

ooooohhhhh, doesn't that look good? especially when the marshmallows started to get all melty.....

and it tasted absolutely divine. while i am still missing new york, tastes like this make the distance a bit easier to bear.

it was just what i needed today.


Claudia said...

that looks good! i must admit that i'm not a big fan of hot chocolate(sorry) but i will definitely keep in mind to try it with marmelade! :)

foodie hunter said...

hi claudia, thanks for the comment! i'm glad that you think it looks good (even when your not a fan of hot chocolate)! :)