Tuesday, October 27, 2009

chocolate nibbles of heaven from the cheeseboard

for my break today, i decided to take a jaunt over to the cheeseboard to pick up a couple of things. although the bakery portion of the cheeseboard is a semi-regular haunt for the foodie hunter, i actually decided to deviate from just getting my typical brioche and/or cherry cornmeal scone. i decided to buy one of their chocolate cookies ($2). i'm not certain why i decided this. it was completely impulsive. there was something innocently innocuous about the spherical pillows of chocolate puffiness that said softly "buy me".....and my response was "hmmm, ok".

oh my goodness, i'm not certain why i waited such a long time (i.e., years) to try these chocolate cookies studded with chocolate chips. these are excellent. i took a bite and loved the immediate slight crispiness....

followed by soft rich chocolaty goody-goody-ness ...is that a word? i don't care, i'm nibbling on my cookie....my eyes darting around ensuring that no one is going to want to share it with me. this cookie makes me feel like a greedy glutton.

ummmmm. yum yum.... a happy greedy glutton that is.

cheeseboard collective, 1504 shattuck avenue, berkeley, ca., phone +1 510-549-3183, http://cheeseboardcollective.coop/index.html

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