Wednesday, October 14, 2009

foodie hunter pic on the san pellegrino web site

while i was in new york, i received a note from the agency that handles the san pellegrino web site. they wanted to let me know that my pic of zabaione gelato is up on the web site.....

kinda surreal isn't it?

i've been taking food pics for about a year and a half....and so much has happened since then. for me, it is a testimony that sometimes that amazing things can arise out of the darkest of circumstances.

when i started this blog, i didn't think anyone but me and like, 3 people, would be reading it. there are a lot of food blogs out there and i decided that i wanted to create one for an outlet and a way to push myself creatively and emotionally.

i never envisioned that there would be folks from around the world reading my posts or that my pics would appear a couple of times on the pellegrino web site, be linked to press releases, used for press packets, linked/used for various other food-oriented web sites, blogged about, and more.

it is all so surreal, but in a good way.

so thank you dear readers and dear hearts.....for making this all possible.


Victoria said...

I am assuming I was one of the 3 people you thought would be reading this. ;-) However, it all REALLY happened because of YOU!!

foodie hunter said...

yes, you were one of the three people i thought would be reading the blog... ;-)