Monday, October 19, 2009

if you are pissed, then consider not buying chang's book

a long time ago, when discussing various loved ones, JS said to me "you're really loyal." i remember looking at him askew and said "uh thanks...for making me sound like a dog." i also remember thinking, "because i love you, i'll let you get away with that comment. if i didn't love you, then you and i would have some very direct words".

yet, alas, this is true. i am quite loyal to those i love and i do love the city in which i was born. i may have written a forlorn love letter to new york, but i absolutely love san francisco. san francisco is family. shit talking about family gets me a bit worked up.


so if shit talking gets you worked up as well, then maybe you should consider whether or not to buy books from said shit talker.

btw: i decided to change this posting and not provide so much detailed information on potentially what may or may not happen should you decide to buy or not buy the book. basically, it is like anything else. if you don't like something that someone has said or done and they are in the public eye, then vote with your money.

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