Monday, October 5, 2009

in 7x7 magazine?

my o' my am i tired.

i'm working on getting a report done before i head out to nyc on thursday. i wish i could taste ici's peppermint cookie ice cream right now. instead, i am just looking longingly at a pic that i took at last week's farmers' market (see above). hmmmmmm. ice cream....... i do love ice cream.

as i am winding down for the night i wanted to share a potential bit of good news. i say potential because i think we will have to see if it happens or not. this evening i received an email from the folks over at 7x7 magazine indicating that there is the potential to use one of my pics in their november issue. ideally, this would be fantastic. i do read their online publication and have picked up the print version on occasion. yet, i sent them a note tonight asking if it would be possible to be credited as "foodie hunter" rather than my real name in the publication. i let them know that i'd be willing to provide my real name and such for permissions/legal reasons (hey, used to be an acquisitions editor in a former i know all about permissions) as long as it isn't made public.....but we'll just have to see what they say.

this seems to be arising a lot..... you know, my quest for continued semi-anonymity. there have been times where i would have liked to do/attend events (i.e., such as the upcoming VIP event for the folks that bought advance passports for the sf street food festival, press events re: chocolate store openings, tastetv's invite to do video content for that show, etc. etc.). alas, the quest for anonymity...well...that kind of puts a damper on attending press sort of events or doing video now doesn't it? hopefully, it won't put a damper on appearing in the magazine.

i'll let you know what happens.

yet, for now, i really need to get to bed. my first meeting with headquarters starts in a few hours.


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