Saturday, October 3, 2009


this is what i wrote on saturday afternoon and am transcribing it right now...

saturday, 3rd of october, guerilla cafe

i am typing this from guerilla cafe and will transcribe it later.

in my quest to try new and different things....i went to looney's today. for those of you dear hearts that know me very well, i hope you are able to catch your breath between the moments of gasping laughter. looney's is not the sort of place where one would typically look for the foodie hunter.

like ever.

i think it was pretty obvious the moment i walked in the door. i sat at the bar because it was pretty crowded and i thought that taking up a table would be kind of rude in this context.....especially for the server.

the super duper nice and attentive ladies that work there seem pretty surprised to see me. yet, they definitely made the looney's experience a lot easier to take in. i also got a chance to see the ladies at work and let me tell you, these ladies know how to hustle and deal with the largely male clientele. i did my usual oblivious know..."you are not in my universe kind of thing". so, as far as i was concerned, my looney's universe consisted of the ladies that work there, my beer, and the food.

i ordered the "third" of pork spare ribs with a side of collards, mac-n-cheese, and hush puppies (that is a mayo sauce on the side btw).....

which was definitely the hearty sort of food that was pretty tasty. i also enjoyed watching the ladies work at filling up various pitchers......

i think this is the sort of place that i would have taken my ex-father in law (a rabid virginia tech alumni and the only reason i have actually watched a cal football game from start to finish....when vtech played cal at a bowl game...of course). i could have taken the ex-father in law to looney's and we both would have been happy. a rarity.

objectively speaking, although looney's is not my scene (ahem, i am at guerilla cafe at the moment as i write this....much more my thing), i think looney's is a great place to grab some hearty grub, a beer, be around testosterone, and watch a game. the service knows how to hustle to keep up with the crowds and the clientele isn't sports bar douche baggy. it has quite a bit of the sports testosterone thing going on...but definitely not douche baggy. even the regulars keep those that may have over imbibed in check.

it is really nice to know that these sort of places actually exist.


Victoria said...

Yes, but the pictures of food make it completely obvious why you were there. Those who REALLY know the foodie hunter know that the most important thing is ALWAYS the food, and it takes precedence over atmosphere every single time.

(Were the ribs good? Should I take Ms. JSL here?)

foodie hunter said...

i am definitely willing to travel to and eat at some odd places if the food is good. although, it felt a bit more odd than usual being by myself at a sports bar-ish kind of place with a bunch of dudes drinking beer and watching tv. definitely not my typical weekend scene.

the ribs were tasty...yet, it isn't the kind of place i'd go for the food alone. the cut i picked was the fatty spare rib (which i like)and it was done well. yet, i prefer the sauces i have had at other bbq places. if i was going primarily for the food...i'd prefer E+J's or even memphis minnie's or roadhouse in the city.