Tuesday, October 6, 2009

pics of da bombe

just sent off what i hope is the final draft of the presentation to the boss. i'm glad that is done. if all goes according to plan then i can spend tomorrow doing things like scoping out some upcoming projects, writing up plans, and doing mundane things that need to get done like travel/expense reports. oh yeah, and i still have to figure out what i am going to pack for my nyc trip. i leave thursday.

sigh. i'm a bit too tired to think about packing right now. i'd rather think about food right before i go to sleep...it is a nice way to decompress before heading off to bed.

JB dropped by around 5ish today so i took a break from my presentation project. we ended up at ici!! it is always nice to go to ici and what is even better is that when we got to ici, there wasn't a line! we stood in front of the store for a minute, just reveling in the fact that there wasn't a line. then we went in and JB ordered the coffee cardamom flavor while i went for a mini bombe for the first time....

the ice cream flavor inside the chocolate shell was creme fraiche with amarena cherries....

it was quite delicious. i think i am becoming a HUGE fan of creme fraiche ice cream. so rich, so creamy, so sinful, and oh so gooood.

i love taking pics of food. i really do. even after i've eaten the food....i like looking at the pictures later and deciding which ones will be posted to the blog or to flickr. sometimes i'm really critical about the pictures i pick...you know, i really look at the different angles or spend a lot of time thinking about how to crop a particular pic. sometimes, there is this part of me that "sees" or identifies the "picture within the picture". if that makes sense. other times, i go by complete "gut". sometimes a certain shot will just jump out at me....and it will just be "the one". it will instantly convey an emotion, a texture, or just be really sensual. what i hope for is that when you see the picture, it will grab your attention, just for a moment.....and in that moment, i hope that you feel what i felt.

well, that is enough rambling from the foodie hunter for now....

until later dear hearts.


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Su-Lin said...

Goodness....that ice cream looks gorgeous!