Sunday, October 25, 2009

purple basil lemonade for one

ummm. i think i went kind of crazy with the purple basil over the last couple of days. just wanted to warn you dear hearts, that you are probably going to see quite few postings over the next few days or so. i'll try to space them out a bit so you won't get super tired of my playing with purple basil in my kitchen.

yesterday, i was pretty excited about how easy, tasty, and beautiful purple basil lemonade turned out. i imagine that one could also add a bit of vodka (perhaps a citrus infused vodka) for a lovely cocktail as well. i had never a herb infused lemonade before (i'm rather surprised i haven't done this sooner) so i decided to start out small.....just in case it didn't turn out so well. i grabbed a few leaves from my bunch and put it into a mortar and pestle with some chilled water....about 8 oz.

i decided that i was going to "muddle" the leaves with the water. my inspiration for this are bartenders actually....and watching bartenders muddle mint leaves with liquids for various drinks including mojitos.

so i did a few turns and stomps my mortar and pestle, i didn't do this more than say, 5-8 times. as this was the first time, i was uncertain how strong i really wanted the purple basil to be. i drained the leaves through my lemon press (since i don't have small strainer on hand...hey, the foodie hunter uses what she has on hand)....

and then squeezed in some lemon and added a bit of agave.

then i added in a few small leaves for color....and put it into a stemless riedel glass.....

i think it turned out quite beautiful, refreshing and tasty. the basil flavor was there but it wasn't over powering....and basil and lemon seem to complement each other quite well. i think this would be an excellent addition to a brunch.... or anytime where you'd like to add a bit of refreshing color to the table. at the very least, this would be a conversation piece.

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